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4900 Jordan Ave   Nanaimo  BC V9T2H8
About us

 Mid Island Towing is a family owned and operated towing company offering quality tow truck and relocation services to the Mid Island and its surrounding areas, with friendly, professional 24-hour service, since 1978.

   Our drivers are ready to safely tow vehicles for several reasons. We respond quickly to accidents, whether called by emergency services or directly from the motorist.  We are also responsible for a number of Parking Lots and roadways throughout the Mid Island Area. Frequently, we are called by local police & fire agencies to tow vehicles because they have been involved in an accident or for any number of legal reasons. Give us a call and we'll let you know if we have your car, and what you'll need to bring to get it back.

   We can find your car faster in our computer system if you have the last six digits of the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) or license plate ready when you call. If your car has been stolen, the plates may not be on the car. So using the VIN is the best way to search for it. We sometimes can find cars by owner name, police case number, or vehicle description, but these ways are not as reliable.

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